Super 808's - 50 Banging 808s

Super 808's - 50 Banging 808s

Super 808's  contains 50 different built-from-scratch 808's designed to make your speakers thump and your tracks stand out.

We know how hard it is to find high quality 808's in the marketplace.  Most are low quality or have been recycled over and over that the "UMPH" has been taken out of them.

What's special about Super 808's is we took all 50 808's and sampled them to all 12 keys. 

Meaning if you have a beat in F#, You open the F# folder and all 50 808's in the folder have the root note in F#.

No other 808 pack on the planet has taken the time to do this.

The Super 808 Pack Includes:

  • 50 Built from Scratch 808 Basses/kicks
  • All 50 808s sampled to all 12 keys
  • No Recycled or Re-boxed 808 Sounds
  • All 808s One shot .Wav Files
  • Works in all DAW software and Mobile Apps

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