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You Will Be Amazed At The Sound Of Your New Beats

Stuck on a track and need inspiration?

Has the initial creative spark you had when first starting the track faded away?

Do you have piles of unfinished music on your hard drive?

If so, then we have the perfect solution for you.

Download the SUPER Bundle which includes 47 sound Kits and over 5,100 Music loops, Drum Sounds, and Drag and drop midi files for just $25 (Normally $1,997)

You can use the SUPER Sound Bundle with…

  • Chords to create the structure and foundation for your tracks.
  • Pads to add movement and complexity to the rest of your composition.
  • Basslines to define a new level of refinement to your bass progressions.
  • Leads to hit all the right notes and emotional tones.
  • Arpeggios to brighten up the song and add those extra finishing touches.

On top of that, the SUPER Sound Bundle will help you…

  • Get instant inspiration from the 5,100+ High Quality Sounds and Samples
  • Quickly start and finish tracks so you can release more music.
  • Eliminate the need for complex music theory so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Go beyond basic chords with advanced chords & progressions so your music can stand out.
  • Skyrocket your progress as a producer by finishing more tracks than ever.


Every drum sound and music loop was created by industry heavyweights that have worked with artists like Chris Brown, Lil Boosie, Rihanna, Etc…

As a way of giving back to the producer community we decided to run a special FALL sale to give you all the tools to be the best producer in the world at a price you can easily afford.

With over 5,100 of the hottest music loops and sounds on planet earth you will be inspired for the next 20 years to make music that will amaze the world.

Our sound design team created every sound, loop, and sample in EVERY KIT.  There is nothing “recycled” or “reboxed”.


This offer is going to expire soon so take advantage of it before time runs out and you have to pay the full price of $1,997.

Here's What Your Downloads Look Like:

After investing in the SUPER Sound Bundle you will gain access to your own members area.  All 45+ of your packs will be available to download immediately. 

Below is a screenshot of your account:


And More Dope Kits...


Even MORE exclusive kits...

These samples just scratch the surface of what you are about to get...


  • 45 Total Packs 
  • 1,623 Music Loops (Includes, .Wav Files and MIDI Files)
  • 3,500 Drum Sounds (808’s, Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Loops, Claps and more!)
  • 100% Royalty FREE (Make a hit record and you don’t owe us a dime!)
  • No sound is “recycled” or “reboxed”
  • Works in all DAWs
  • Midi files
  • Instant Download Link via email

These kits are used by super producers who have created records for Rihanna, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Chris Brown, And More

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