Super Lit Is The Hottest Damn Loops Period Download Now

Super Lit Is The Hottest Damn Loops Period Download Now

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Super Lit is the hottest Music Loops and 808's on the market.  Every loop is a SMASH HIT.  Packed with over 1,000 .WAV loops you will never lack for inspiration... Or new beat ideas.

Here are just a few Benefits of Super Lit:

  • Have Infinite Inspiration At Your Fingertips so you never run into creative block again
  • Push Your Music Beyond Your Limits by using melodies created by 30 year keyboardist and musicians
  • Supercharge your workflow and creative process to finish double the music in half the time
  • Fuse different loops together to find your unique sound and stand out from the crowd.
  • Make hit songs using radio-worthy chords and progressions
  • Consistently finish more music than you ever thought possible
  • Make a significant positive impact on people with your music
  • Potentially even make a full-time career out of music production

Super Producer Offers Us $1,000,000 To Not Put Super Lit Out

Every pack we release we let a few of our Super Producer Clients listen to them to make sure every loop is industry quality.

Yesterday we had our listening session as usual and this producer (3 Grammy's, Top 10 Billboard Hits, More platinum plaques than we can count!) was so blown away by the quality of the loops and the melodies/chord progressions that he begged us not to put the pack out.

He wanted to exclusively purchase the loops for a LARGE upfront FEE and co-production credit on all the tracks. 

He guaranteed Over the next few years our Royalties would most likely surpass $1,000,000 from the placements.

It was very tempting, but we decided it wouldn't be fair to our loyal customers and clients who rely on us to give you the best loops in the game.

Here Are Just A Few Samples Of What You Are About To Get:


Every Loop You Hear Comes in 20 Different Instruments + Midi Files!

You Will Never Experience Beat Block Again

Beat block comes from using the same sounds the same way.  Eventually you get bored and nothing good comes out.

On the flip side collaborating with other great producers and musicians gets you out of beat block instantly.

Super Lit is collabing with us (industry musician and producers) on dope new tracks. 

Except you keep all the credit and royalties of course!

Your creative ideas will spark like never before.

Your Next Beats Will Be Nothing Short Of Amazing

Using the Super Lit Pack your next beats will be the best you ever make.  

Every melody will inspire you to take directions in your production that you never have before.

You are the mastermind putting all the dope pieces together... But now you have more dope ideas to choose from.

The 808's Guaranteed To Piss Off Neighbors

On top of the hottest music loops on the planet Super Lit also comes with 25 Custom 808's that have been BUILT TO BANG. 

No more of those watered down 808's that come in these other packs that have been processed to hell.

These are Grimey, Gritty, and Super high quality.  If they didn't pass the Bang factor the 808 wasn't included in Super Lit.

We Are Only Selling 500 Packs And Taking It Down Forever

The loops in the pack are SMASHES.  We want them to remain special.  We decided to only allow 500 producers to get their hands on this pack

This way not too many producers have the same loops.

To keep this in perspective our Email List of customers and producers is 112,328.

How Much Does Super Lit Cost?

Given that Super Lit is the best investment a music producer can make.  It's easily worth Thousands.  But as an introductory sale we are only going to charge $29.95.

Super Lit Puts Money In Your Pocket

Selling ONE beat using just ONE Loop out of this pack will make your investment back and more.  Now imagine how many beats you will sell with 1,000 loops!

The possibilities are endless.  Artists are going to love your new beats.  These are ready to sell.

Super Lit Includes:

  • 1,000 .Wav Loops
  • 50 Midi files
  • 25 Exclusive 808's
  • Each melody comes in 20 different instruments
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Almost 4GB of Loops and Sounds

 500 1 Super Lit Packs Left

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