Super Loops 2

Super Loops 2

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Amazing New Loop Pack Will Surge Your Creativity and Transform Your Beats Into Masterpieces.

Super Loops Vol. 2 is another GEM created by Mr Frenzy (one of the hottest sound creators in the game).  He slept day and night in the studio creating Loops that will not just make hot beats... But timeless masterpieces.

If you feel you your beats are dope, but want to breakthrough to that next level..

You can use Super Loops Vol. 2 with…

  • Hot drums tracks at any tempo
  • Your favorite 808 Patterns
  • Chord progressions that need some extra spice
  • Beats that you need a quick dope transition

On top of that, Super Loops Vol. 2 will help you…

  • Bust out of beat block at lightning speed!
  • Finally finish beats that have been stuck on 8 bars.
  • Start beats with a hot melody or chord progression instead of from scratch
  • Transforming your beats into masterpieces!



Super Loops Vol. 2 is another GEM created by Mr Frenzy (one of the hottest sound creators in the game).

Each Loop is carefully designed to integrate easily into your workflow.  Plug N Play.

Using the .Midi Files

With the .Midi Files you can manipulate the loops however you like.  If you like the melody, but want to use it with one of your favorite sounds, just slide the .MIDI onto your instrument track.

Also with the .Midi files you can use whatever tempo you like without the loops being pitched up or down.

Using the .Wav Files

Every loop comes with all the instruments broken down into individual stems.

You can Drag in the .Wav loop as is and complete your beat. 

OR you may want to change the pitch, chop the loop up, add filters, etc...  This makes the creative possibilities endless!

Here's What Your Downloads Look Like:

After investing in the SUPER LOOPS VOL. 2 you will gain access to your own members area.  Your Super Loops Vol. 2 pack will be available to download immediately. 

Below is of your Super Loops Vol. 2 Download:


These Samples Just Scratch The Surface Of What Are About To Get In Super Loops Vol. 2:


Super Loops Vol.2 Includes:

  • 100+ .Wav Loops
  • 30 Midi Files
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • No recycled or reboxed loops
  • All Loops broken down into stems!
  • Works in all DAWS
  • Instant Download Via Email
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