Super Loops Vol 3

Super Loops Vol 3

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This state-of-the-art Loop pack gives music producers innovative potential for turning ordinary beats into industry-level sound with the power to enrapture their audience. 

Super Loops Vol. 3 is yet another entry in Mr. Frenzy’s arsenal, who is one of the hottest sound designers in the industry.

If you’re a music producer looking to level up your sounds using some of the most innovative chord progressions, transitions and melodies currently being used by the world’s most successful producers, look no further than Super Loops Vol. 3

Deploy Super Loops Vol. 3 for…

  • Banging drum tracks at variable tempos and produce catchy rhythms
  • Seamless harmonizing with 808 patterns
  • Chord progressions that blow the door open for original sounds and arrangements
  • Rapid beat transitions that leave your listeners craving more

Super Loops Vol. 3 lets you…

  • Transcend above and beyond a boring 8 bar loop
  • Cut through your beat block with fresh melodies and inspiring sounds
  • Use the .Midi files to allow you to fully customize every loop.

…and much more!


Super Loops Vol. 3 is a collection of expertly-crafted sound loops designed to elevate your capabilities and seamlessly integrate with your skills and music style.


Fully-compatible .Midi Files

Beat-making flexibility is at the core of Super Loops Vol. 3, which is formatted and fully-compatible with virtually all software and hardware, allowing you to reach in and customize loops with limitless creativity.

Just slide the .Midi file of your choice onto any instrument track and discover a new creative range with more ways to chop, flip and sample your favorite instruments.

Use any tempo and experience optimal loop pitch to produce the sound you want with minimal guesswork and peak versatility.

Fully-compatible .Wav Files

Drop the .Wav loop right into your beat for an original combination. Each loop has a full set of audio stems that you can sample and chop, filter and tweak the pitch to flip it on its head and make it yours.

Gain Access Now

Super Loops Vol. 3 will be ready to download the moment you place your order and accessible in all file formats recorded in 24-bit premium quality sound.

Here's What Your Downloads Look Like:

After investing in the SUPER LOOPS VOL. 3 you will gain access to your own members area. Your Super Loops pack will be available to download immediately.

Below is of your Super Loops Vol. 3 Download:

These Samples Just Scratch The Surface Of What Are About To Get:


Super Loops Vol. 3 Includes:

  • 100+ .Wav Loops
  • 30 Midi Files
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • No recycled or reboxed loops
  • All Loops broken down into stems!
  • Works in all DAWS
  • Instant Download Via Email
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