Super Samples Will Enhance Your Sound Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

Super Samples Will Enhance Your Sound Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

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Introducing Super Samples

Let us guess... you’ve been sitting in the studio for hours and are hitting a major beat block that you can’t shake? Or the perfect beats are playing in your head but can’t make it happen on the keyboard?

If that sounds like you, then you are in the right place because we get it.

Whether you are a music producer looking for inspiration, a place to start, or chord progressions and transitions to perfect your beat, we have the tools you need to get it done.

We can provide the sounds you didn’t even know you needed so that you can stay focused on the computer tweaking your beats.

Your music is a piece of you. It has a way of speaking on who you are as a producer, your brand, and who you are striving to become. It's time to level up and we are here to help.

Our ​Super Samples is packed full of the most insane chord progressions, transitions, and melodies that will take​ ordinary beats and transform them into industry-level masterpieces.

Wondering why ​Super Samples? This loop pack will transcend your sound beyond your wildest imagination. All you need is the spark to find it.

Here’s what ​Super Samples ​can give your next sound... 

  • Seamless harmonizing with 808 patterns
  • Banging drum tracks varying in tempo for creating catchy and never heard before rhythms
  • Rapid beat transitions that will keep your listener coming back for more
  • Mind-blowing chord progressions that will inspire new energy and ideas for original sounds

It gets better. Super Samples will let you...

  • Fully customize​ every single loop using .Midi files
  • Cut through your beat block to uncover fresh melodies and sounds Transcend​ far beyond your basic 8 bar loop

No matter what your style might be or what beats have been playing over and over in your head lately, we have your back.

Super Samples is a collection of the industry's most expertly crafted sound loops.

These sounds will give you the new life, energy, and ideas we all need sometimes to take our craft to the next level. Our collection seamlessly integrates.

These sounds take something incredible and make it better.



Midi Files That Let Your Creativity Flow

The best part about producing is having creative freedom. That’s why Super Samples are flexible and formatted to be fully compatible with any software or hardware you have in the studio.

They can be layered, filtered, or distorted to give you limitless control over what you're creating. All you have to do is slide the .Midi file of your choosing ontoan instrument track and be ready to discover new ways to chop, flip, and sample your​    instrument favorites.

This shouldn’t be a game of guesswork. That’s why our peak visibility lets you use any tempo and hear the optimal loop pitch that you will be producing right away.

Wav Files Compatible To Your Style

Dropping the .Wav loop into your sound will transcend it. We know that your music is special so staying true to your sound is key. Having access to a full set of audio stems on every loop will keep it original. You can sample, chop, filter, and tweak the itches in a way that will make it all yours.

Here's What Your Downloads Look Like:

After investing in the Super Samples you will gain access to your own members area. Your Super Samples pack will be available to download immediately.

Below is of your Power Up Download:

These Samples Just Scratch The Surface Of What Are About To Get In Power Up:



Super Samples Includes:

  • 105+ .Wav Loops
  • 30 Midi Files
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • No recycled or reboxed loops
  • All Loops broken down into stems!
  • Works in all DAWS
  • Instant Download Via Email

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