Super Sauce Will Make You The Hottest Producer With The Hottest Beats. PERIOD

Super Sauce Will Make You The Hottest Producer With The Hottest Beats. PERIOD

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Super Sauce contains over 1,250 Music Loops and 15 Trunk Rattling 808's.  Every loop is designed to be a MEGA HIT. 

Here are just a few Benefits of Super Sauce:

  • Endless Inspiration so you always have new creative ideas
  • Discover Your Game-Changing Sound by using melodies and chord progressions created by critically acclaimed industry musicians.
  • Speed Up Your Workflow by having a dope foundation to build off of
  • Fuse different loops together to find your unique sound and stand out from the crowd.
  • Make Chart Topping Hits with industry ready melodies and harmonies
  • Consistently finish more music than you ever thought possible
  • Inspire the world with your music
  • Potentially make a full-time career out of music production

We Are Only Allowing 250 Lucky Producers Out Of 113,024 To Download Super Sauce

The thing that sucks most about Loop packs is that a million producers use the same loops. 

This is a problem if you try to upload your beats to Youtube because you will  be copyrighted by a producer using the same loop.

We decided to make Super Sauce a rare pack that only a handful of producers will have.  This means you won't hear your same beat idea done by another producer.

Keep in mind we sent an email blast to over 113,024 producers.  So the 250 royalty free licenses will go FAST.

Here Are Just A Few Samples Of What You Are About To Get:

Every Loop You Hear Comes in 25 Different Instruments + Midi Files!

You Will Stay In Your Creative Zone

Your creative zone is when start making a beat and fire just flows out.  New dope ideas are shooting through you like lightning. 

You just know those beats are "Special".  They hit different.

That's what Super Sauce does for you.    Each loop is uniquely created to bring out the best beats possible.

Your creative ideas will spark like never before.

Your New Beats Will Spark A Musical Revolution

Using the Super Sauce Pack your new beats will be so dope they could change the music game forever.  It will be like a MUSICAL REVOLUTION.

Think about your favorite producer.  They most likely had a sound at one point that changed the game.

Your new sound will also change the game. 

Super Sauce Also Includes 15 Trunk Rattling 808's

On top of the hottest music loops on the planet Super Sauce also comes with 15 Custom 808's that have been BUILT TO BANG. 

No more of those watered down 808's that come in these other packs that have been processed to hell.

These are Grimey, Gritty, and Super high quality.  If they didn't pass the Bang factor the 808 wasn't included in Super Sauce.

How Much Does Super Sauce Cost?

Given that Super Sauce is the best investment a music producer can make.  It's easily worth Thousands.  But as an introductory sale we are only going to charge $29.95.

Super Sauce Is A Great Investment

As a music producer loops are the best investment you can make.  If you sell just ONE beat you made with the Loops you 10x Your investment. 

Now imagine if you sell 10 or 20 beats made from this pack... Or get a Major Placement and Billboard hit.

Super Sauce Includes:

  • 1,250 .Wav Loops
  • 50 Midi files
  • 15 Exclusive 808's
  • Each melody comes in 25 different instruments
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Almost 4.5 GB of Loops and Sounds

 250 1 Super Sauce Packs Left

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